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Colorworks offers domestic and international mailing services, including list certification, sorting, addressing, metering and delivery to the post office.

We can work with your list or purchase one for you.

Mailing and Shipping

In addition to mailing, we also ship via UPS, Federal Express, DHL, Common Carrier and expedited courier services. We work to insure the best possible rates and are in contact with the US Postal Service to ensure prompt, efficient delivery of your documents.

Whatever the need, you can count on Colorworks to get your project in the right hands at the right time.

Commercial Lead Program

Colorworks can design and develop a commercial mailing program that enables your sales force to bypass the gatekeeper and make effective follow up calls/ visits.  Call us today to learn more and see how a mailing program powered by Colorworks can help you grow.

Kitting and Fulfillment

Assemble it, Process it, Pack it And Store it

From the storage of finished goods to full service on-line fulfillment, Colorworks will develop a program that’s just right for your company.

We handle a range of projects including kit assembly, order processing and literature distribution.

Warehouse Benefits

Colorworks can store your marketing collateral, and interface inventory levels with your personalized MRC.

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