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Your strategic plan, goals and objectives answer the questions: what are we selling, to whom and how do we crush the competition?

The Colorworks team of experts will help you execute your integrated marketing strategy or campaign based upon your needs, budget, and objectives. Consistent messaging across all platforms helps customers understand what your company offers and how you offer it. Everyone works towards the common goal of increasing profits for your business.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing provides a unified message across all online and offline communication platforms. Direct Mail, Email, Web Site, Radio, Television, Social Media all working together significantly increases the effectiveness of your marketing budget compared to any single platform.

The professionals at Colorworks will work with you on a single integrated campaign or help manage your annual marketing calendar ensuring a consistent brand message that has a better chance of being delivered.


Your Brand is “everything”. It defines your business in the eyes of the public and differentiates you from your competition. Managing that brand across every point of contact is a key component of your marketing strategy. The team at Colorworks will help you maintain consistency in visual appearance and messaging. The online Marketing Resource Center is available for Franchise Organizations, Complex Dealer Networks or any Multi-Location organization who desires brand compliance across their locations.

Market Research

Market Research is a necessary and critical part of the strategic planning process that provides an understanding of your target and the trends within that market. Colorworks provides tools and expertise to acquire and analyze data to focus resources where they will be most effective.

Snapshot is available to help you identify and target prospects based upon the demographics of your existing customers. Supply us with your customer file of at least 500 names and we’ll return a report showing the demographic makeup of your customers. Another tool utilizes an Economic Stability Indicator (ESI) to help you identify potential consumers “with a specific ability to pay” in advance of a campaign.


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